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Jet Exchange in peak condition for ski season!

Our crews have have completed their annual specialist airport training, putting them in peak condition for operations to airports serving Europe’s best winter sports resorts.

Our pilots, who have all conducted operations involving European mountain airports for many years, have enhanced their existing experience with both specific simulator training for crucial airports, plus a full flight training programme at Sion Airport with the Swiss authorities for the Type B qualification.

Our crews are now authorised to use Sion, Chambery, Innsbruck and Salzburg, covering some of the most popular Alpine ski destinations.

Ian Austin, Managing Director, Jet Exchange, says: “The company and our crews have extensive experience operating out of these airports. Thanks to our refresher training to reinforce our skills, we can ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability, giving brokers confidence that their customers will receive expert service and reliability for the ski season. Our PC12 owners also enjoy access to Courchevel, for which we do training every six months.”

We operates a variety of aircraft that can provide bespoke operations for those looking to make the most of the 2016-17 ski season.

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