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Acquisitions & Sales


Purchasing an aircraft is always a compromise between cost and performance. The aim is to minimise the compromise and maximise flexibility.

“Our particular expertise is in the setup and running of group ownership structures and operations. We can guarantee substantial operational savings with proven working models”. Find out how our aircraft owners enjoy incredible flexibility and savings.

Together with your legal and financial advisors, we will help you establish priorities and requirements, evaluate and compare aircraft, carry out global searches and proactively drive the process.

Your purchase or sale is managed, including contract, technical and regulatory details, by an experienced and objective professional at your side. Buying a business jet is a complex and highly specialised process and we contribute our operational and technical knowledge.


We help you receive full value by anticipating each factor that may influence the final sale price, including:

  • Preparing specifications, photos, marketing and technical and performance knowledge.
  • Promoting your aircraft globally through multiple channels tailored for the type of sale involved.
  • Evaluating offers, negotiating a definitive purchase agreement - including inspection, acceptance, delivery, and documentation.
  • Acting as an honest ‘neutral’ intermediary in the sale of an aircraft often makes the difference between closing the deal or not.
Aircraft acquisitions and sales

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